So I’ve written a novel: The Syndicate

Its taken me two years in the making but I finally wrote my first novel. Its something I wanted to do, not for fame or fortune but to see if I had the creative ability to do it.

Many have asked how I set about it; I didn’t do it with a structure in place so much as a clear idea of the main character and the underlying story. From there it just flowed. Granted, there were times when I just couldn’t figure out the final third, do I make it complex, do I have sub plots, or do I simply make it a flowing easy read. I went for the later, deciding not to go into intricate detail with scenes, I mean does anyone really care the specifics of what someone’s office looks like or describing the interior of a private jet?

A few who have read it so far, and been kind enough to provide feedback have suggested that it leaves a lot of unanswered questions, which is good considering I intend on writing a sequel. I used this book as a learning curve to expand on when I get around to starting the second.

One of the most satisfying parts was comments made surrounding the main female character, like Marmite, people either loved her or hated her for various reasons and those who have not yet finished the book have been speculating on what type of a person she really is. Intrigue!! My job is done 🙂

I really enjoyed writing the book, and I hope that for whoever does take the time and effort to pick it up its a worthwhile experience.

You can find my book here on Kindle, should you find yourself with time on your hands or just enjoy a thriller:


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