McDonald’s, anyone seen Ronald lately?

I was sitting in McDonald’s sipping on a Latte one morning and looking around I noticed that it had been years since Ronald McDonald or even The Hamburglar had graced the walls let alone the branding of one of the world’s most successful franchises.

Ronald McDonaldI bet that if you asked your average 7 year old they would not even know who Ronald and the gang are, but ask anyone in their 30’s and you can be assured they all have some memory or other around the classic McDonald’s characters.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I would speculate that McDonald’s core demographic is still families, parents and grand parents taking their kids for a treat on a Saturday afternoon and school kids in their droves at lunchtime. So why has the design and branding of the family fast-food outlet changed so dramatically to mimic those global coffee houses.

mcdonaldsIt’s a rhetorical question and I agree that the modern image of McDonald’s is one that needed to happen but I wonder if it is just another example of how children are encouraged or even pushed into growing up too fast? With high-speed broadband, smart phones, global reporting of news within seconds it’s no wonder that children experience things that their parents can’t shield them from or control. I’m not a parent, as close to that for me is a niece and a nephew, but I hope that they get to enjoy their younger years before society nudges them to grow up too fast.


One response to “McDonald’s, anyone seen Ronald lately?

  1. Forty percent of children ages 2-11 ask their parents to go to McDonald’s at least once a week, and 15% of preschoolers ask to go every day. 84% of parents report taking their child ages 2-11 to a fast food restaurant at least once in the past week.

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