Necessity indeed is the mother of invention – Simon Sinek explores how to Innovate like a Shark

Jaws-jaws-468738_1024_782Just read a blog piece by Simon Sinek on How to Innovate like a Shark. Basically Simon explains how smaller companies with fewer resources are better adapted to create innovation than larger ones. Primarily this comes down to necessity rather than exploration. His example is Steven Spielberg attempting to create the gory effects in his first Jaws film. Technology, at the time, was such that it was basically impossible to generate the CGI or robotics required to animate the kill scenes he wanted effectively hence Spielberg created the unknown terror from the deep which to this day is epic cinematography. Through being restricted on what was possible for his film, it forced him to innovate a new way of conveying the same idea…if you are a massive company like say Nokia, no matter how much money you chuck at innovation if you don’t have that drive and limitations to think outside the box you rarely will succeed.

I think Simon has a point. Think of how many times start-up companies or small niche organisations have been snapped up by a larger player in the market…its far simpler and effective for a major blue-chip giant to sweep up innovation from elsewhere rather than innovate themselves.

Here is Simon’s original article:



One response to “Necessity indeed is the mother of invention – Simon Sinek explores how to Innovate like a Shark

  1. Great post – I completely agree. Throwing money at a problem gets you an expensive solution, but not necessarily a creative or innovative one. The most innovative people I know are people who can get things done with minimal resources – while others are whining they don’t have enough or the right resources, these folks are quietly figuring out how to make it happen with what they have. It’s been said that “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” and when results must happen that’s when the innovative start inventing. Cheers!

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