The new Amazon Kindle Fire, Innovation & Analysis

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos holds up the new Kindle Fire. Photograph: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

Four interesting articles looking at Amazons latest financial results, the new Kindle Fire, its impact on the tablet market, the innovation behind it and its ability to compete with Apple’s iPad. I for one think that this new device, if it can tap into the power of cloud computing and get it right, could give Apple a run for its money given its price point and use of the android market place.

Amazon’s Fire and the New Integrated Platform – Michael Schrage – Harvard Business Review.

“Amazon hasn’t simply come up with a new product or — as Bezos himself declared — a new service. That undersells the emerging reality. The net pioneer that reinvented retailing and redefined “word-of-web” recommendations has devised a new innovation ecosystem. “

Amazon’s Kindle Fire Is a Disruptive Innovation – Rob Wheeler – Harvard Business Review.

“how could the Kindle Fire kill the iPad? It has no camera, no microphone, limited memory (8 GB), a dramatically smaller app pool, and no mobile broadband. The majority of market observers reckon there is no way that it could slay the giant.” 

Investors Punish Amazon for Investing in Disruptive Growth – Rob Wheeler – Harvard Business Review

“Amazon missed its earnings on Tuesday because it has chosen to invest in its disruptive-growth engine while the company’s core business is healthy, profitable, and continues to grow. Here is a warning to those contemplating selling their Amazon stock: misunderstand that at your own peril.”

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Amazon, the company that ate the world -Bloomberg Business Week

If the Kindle Fire is half as good as it looked in Bezos’ conference room, it will fan the fears about Amazon’s growing dominance. The tablet funnels users into Amazon’s meticulously constructed world of content, commerce, and cloud computing. Just like owners of Kindle e-reading devices tend to start buying all their books from Amazon, Kindle Fire owners are likely to hand over an increasing chunk of their entertainment budget to Jeff Bezos.

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