Too many graduates, not enough jobs

I was listening to a news report the other day on the number of graduates that are likely to come out of the educational system this year and the worry that there will not be enough jobs to cater for them. It’s nothing new, I know…..but what they were saying was that many of these graduates will end up taking jobs in professions that are either not related to their studies or ones that they take simply to ensure they are employed and earning money. The research suggested that although the graduate market is still the prime talent pool to hire from, many of them will take a job and end up spending the next ten years gaining experience and skills in a profession that they ultimately don’t want to be in. Having done something similar myself, I know how hard it can be to leave the safe confines of a stable job to pursue something you are more passionate about.

My question is, will “investing in the wrong career path” ultimately be detrimental to these graduates and to the work force in general. If you have an entire population of gen y’s in jobs, but with no passion or enthusiasm for what they do, will this have a negative effect on productivity and the UK economy?


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